The Credit Challenge.

General Jessica Oates 3 Apr

For most people, credit score isn’t something you spend much time thinking about. Especially if you are someone who is making good money and paying all your bills on time. When you are in that boat, it feels pretty good! But, when you miss a payment or you struggle to pay all those credit cards, […]

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Mortgage Tip Tuesday

General Jessica Oates 24 Nov

When applying for a pre-approval, mortgage brokers work through all the information given to figure out your maximum pre-approval amount. So we really “do the math” and let you know what you can go shop for! Questions? Feel free to reach out today to get started! P: 604-855-8536 E:

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Introducing the First Responder Program!

General Jessica Oates 8 Jun

Dominion Lending Centres® is proud to announce our brand new First Responder Mortgage Program™. As someone who comes from a background of being a 911 dispatcher and has many connections in the law enforcement field, I personally know how hard first responders work! We can always count on you…so now it is our time to […]

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Bank of Canada Update – April 21, 2021

General Jessica Oates 22 Apr

Bank of Canada overnight rate holds steady at 0.25%! This was a significant BOC announcement, suggesting a turning point in their thinking. As per the BOC, the worst of the pandemic is over, the economy has been remarkably resilient and the Bank can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light […]

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Holiday Debt… Ho Ho Holy Crap That’s A BIG Bill!

General Jessica Oates 15 Feb

Feeling a touch hungover from Christmas and New Years still? I know I am! This year may have looked different for a lot of us but that still did not take away from the hustle and bustle when you have kids looking to you to make Christmas magical…  You know what is not magical though?  […]

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Bank of Canada Interest Rate Update – January 20, 2021!

Latest News Jessica Oates 27 Jan

Its a few days late but I figured that I should spread the word!! Let’s keep this short and sweet! The Bank of Canada made its first interest decision of 2021 today and the overnight rate of 0.25% is HOLDING STEADY! This means that borrowing costs for anyone looking to buy, renew or refinance remain […]

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2021 GOALS!

General Jessica Oates 1 Jan

Hi there everyone! So 2021 brought us all good and bad, but it also taught us a few things. So what did I learn? I learned that new careers can be scary and hard but oh so rewarding. Being brought on the Harmony Team as their newest mortgage broker has brought so much joy to […]

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5 Expenses Most Canadian’s Don’t Expect in Retirement!

General Jessica Oates 15 Nov

According to a recent CIBC poll, nearly half (48%) of retired Canadians stopped working sooner than they expected. The result is that many retirees have saved less for retirement than they planned, making unexpected expenses all the more stressful once the income tap has run dry. But you know what they say, preparation is the best protection […]

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Mortgage Tips Jessica Oates 23 Oct

First, let’s talk first about what it means to be pre-approved. You filled out the application and supplied documents your mortgage broker requested, and now your broker has completed the application and submitted it to a lender who has given approval at a pre-approval rate. You see the rate is higher than all the rates […]

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Mortgage Tips Jessica Oates 21 Aug

With rates so low, you are probably asking yourself – is it time to pull the trigger and burst onto the housing scene? And if you are not asking yourself that yet – why not? There are lots of things to ask yourself when looking at buying a home for the first time or looking […]

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